Monday, August 16, 2010

Informal Urban Practices

My studio class in Australia at RMIT is called Informal Urban Practices. We've been looking at the different ways people interact with urban spaces. So far in the semester we've been doing some research on different types of informal urban practices and then getting out in various communities and participating in these types of practices. The first assignment we had was to research a particular type of urban practice. My research was on 'random acts of kindness and goodwill.' Below is a video that I put together on this topic:

Random Acts of Good-will and Human Kindness from informal.urban on Vimeo.

The next assignment was to go into a suburb of Melbourne and see what types of informal practices go on in that area. My partner, Daniel and I, went to Box Hill. Below are images that we took while in Box Hill, along with our proposed ideas of how to change some of those practices.

The most recent assignment was to do our own informal urban practices. In our group consisting of Daniel, Jacqui, and Quinn we went into the city of Melbourne and saw how people reacted to different things such as a phone being left behind, ghosting (or invading personal space), and how they reacted to seeing a line of red string. See the experience in the following videos:

Intervention of the public from informal.urban on Vimeo.

Intervention: How long is a piece of string? from informal.urban on Vimeo.

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