Monday, July 12, 2010

hello melbourne!

Megan and I arrived into Melbourne on the 10th of July. Sadly our bags did not arrive right along with us. Thankfully they did end up arriving the next day. For the first 3 days we haven't had anything particular to do so we've been out exploring the city. The view from our room is amazing! We have a great view of the city. the view of the city at night from our room

The first day we took the tram into the city. We found a Big W which is just like a Walmart and a Woolworths that's a grocery store. I think we were both so tired that night we ended up going to bed at 6pm. The second day (sunday) we decided to just walk around the city. The architecture here is amazing! all of the buildings are so interesting and unique. We found the Queen Victoria Market that has all sorts of things: fresh food and vegetables, clothing, souveniers and so much more. They were starting to close when we got there and we dont think all of the places were set up since it was a sunday. This is definitely a place we will be going back to. Today we walked around the city some more. We were going to go back to the market but it was actually closed today. We ended up finding a park, Flagstaff Gardens, which was pretty and definitely will be a nice place to go when it warms up.
We then found our way to Victoria Harbour where a really nice outlet mall is. The harbor itself is also really beautiful

After spending some time there we walked back to Melbourne Central which we found out is a much larger place than we first realized. There are about 5 levels with shopping, food courts, a movie theater and more.
After walking so much we got a little something to eat and sat outside the State Library of Victoria. This is right beside RMIT University. We then ventured back to our place. So far we are both loving it. Tomorrow is the first of 3 days of orientation so we'll see how that goes!

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