Monday, October 22, 2007

Design Journals

Contract Magazine

Contract is a magazine that is devoted to commercial interior desing and architecture in the US. I choose to look at a magazine from the US because this is most likely the place I will end up working after completing the program. I really enjoyed the clean designs of Contract and how it is well organized. The main genre of the magazine is commerial interiors and architecture and you can see that throughout the magazine.

Hinge Magazine

This is a design and archtecture magazine from Hong Kong. Its focus is to provide a strong focus for design with an attitude that is distinctly international. This magazine has a somewhat modern feel to it. It is not only focused on Hong Kong but other locations as well.

Canadian Architect

This is a magazine for architects and other related professionals that are practicing in Canada. In the magazine they feature different articles on current practices, different building technologies, and the social issues that affect architecture.

Architecture Australia

This is a premier magazine that looks at the architecture activity that takes place in Australia and also Australians that work all over the world. In the publications that show recent project, award winning works, and other issues, events and politics of the industry. It is published 6 times a year. Architecture Australia is for architects, interior designers, building designers and other building industry professionals. I like that this publication is not only about what happens in Australia but what Australians are doing in other parts of the world. The magazine is more modern and well put together.

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