Sunday, October 21, 2007

10 Websites of Design Firms and Organizations

In viewing various design firms and organizations online one that I came across was Innovative Spaces, Inc. Inovative Spaces or I.S. is a interior design firm that specializes in creating imaginative spaces for children and adults. After viewing the site you can tell that their main focus is children and that they really try to cater to the childs' needs. The site was relatively easy to navigate; with clear titles to pick from which led to more and various information about the company. There really were not a lot of graphics on the website. And while there were pictures of their work, I would have liked to see more pictures of the work that they do.

Another design firm is Slifer Designs. They are located in Colorado and are dedicated to creating luxury living experiences. I really enjoyed looking at their website. It was easy to navigate and to find the type of information that I was interested in. They had everything well organized where you could find their portfolio, services, shopping, their blog, and contact information. Their portfolio was full of interesting projects they had done; complete with pictures to give you the full idea of what everything looked like. The website gave plenty of information about the different services that it offers. The whole website was very professional with well taken photographs. I loved the designs that they had done with several of their locations.

The Neutelings Riedijk Architects website was one of the more interesting website that I had looked at so far. The layout of the website itself was very interesting and intriguing. And even though it had a more interesting layout it was just as easy to navigate. The use of colors and lettering helped in making this easy. Everything was well organized where you could see their realized works, current portfolio, competition designs, development strategies, and then their office information, news, awards, and backlist. The quality of the website is very good and very professional. I really enjoyed looking at their various buildings that they had already completed. The architecture of the buildings is outstanding and the design is sooo interesting. Each building is unique and different from all the rest. As much as I enjoyed the buildings they have already completed, I also really liked looking at their current projects. Since these have yet to be completed there are only drawings and the ideas for these buildings. Overall I found this website very intersting and informative.

Jensen and Macy Architects have a really neat and interactive website. At first you have to click on the website to enter it and this leads you to all of their design work. There are several different categories to choose from; ranging from their restaurants, to residential work to retail. Once you click on one of these categories there are different pictures, or projects you can choose to look at. The website was very informational and showed a lot of their work. One thing I did not like about the website was on their information page, where you click to see other things about the architects and this opened up a new window. I would have like to see this information opened up in the same window. Other than that the website was very professional and very clean. I loved the quality of the pictures and the unique thumbnail pictures that they used for each project.

Mark Brand Architecture is an architecture and interior design studio that "balances high design with practicality, combining understated elegance with elements of drama." The layout and design looks simple and clean but their designs seem to be anything but that. From the home page of their website you can view their portfolio, more infor about them, links, and also their contact information. For their portfolio you could view pictures of the different projects that they have completed. Also, they gave a lot of information about each project; as to what materials were used, how they were inspired, and other aspects of the project. I really liked the amount of information that they provided. Some of the other design websites did not include text with the pictures of their projects, and I think this worked well for Mark Brand Architecture.

When I first looked at the Mary McKenna & Associates, Inc. website it seemed very simple and not as sophisticated or complex as other websites I had looked at. However, what I first took as a bad thing really wasn't bad at all. I not only liked the simplicity of the look of the website, but the website itself was easy to navigate. From the home page you can choose to look at the portfolio, studio or contact information. The portfolio contained different projects that the company had completed. Here were pictures, drawings, models, and information about each project. I really enjoyed looking at the drawings and models of the different projects, just as much if not more than the pictures. Several of the drawings you can tell are just sketches and not long, thought out drawings. I love that! I really liked being able to not only see the final project but also the process. I think that is only thing that really made this website stand out from others that I've looked at.

Narofsky Architecture had a really neat website. The firm is made of architects, interior designers and furniture designers. And they design for almost anything. Their website was very easy to navigate; showing their projects, recognition that they have received and how to get in touch with them. Their projects were so interesting to look at. You are able to view pictures of both the interior and exterior of the project. I would have liked to have seen more of their development and initial ideas for the projects- their process and how they got to their final product. However, I really enjoyed their designs and their photography of their projects is amazing.

A Squared Studios is a "co-operative design environment commited to all things art + architecture." They do architecture, graphic design and photography. When viewing their website I first thought that it appeared to be well organized and easy to navigate. However, when I was looking through the work they had done, I had a lot of trouble trying to view all of their pictures. I could look at the first picture of a project but when I tried to look at others from that project I could not get them to show up. However, I still really enjoyed this website and design firm because it was not completely an interior design and architecture firm. I also really liked looking at their graphic design stuff and their photography.

AJC Architects has a nice, neat, and well organized website. Everything is very clear and easy to find. Their use of subtitles are very helpful in locating the information you are most interseted in. They have information on awards that they have received, all of their portfolio work, work that they have not yet completed, information on those that work for them, and how to contact them. The website is very interactive and interesting. Their designs are intriguing and really grab your attention. This firm does everything from schools, to commercial buildings, residential, and government buildings. They seem to be very diverse in the types of jobs that they do and all of them seem to be equally as good. They also included a lot of their process work and not only photos of the finish product.

Hurlocker Homes has a very nice website. Although it seems simple in looks it is very interactive. It was easy to navigate and pretty well organized. I really enjoyed the designs that they have done but you can tell that a lot of their projects have some similar elements or designs in them. Just like other design websites that I've looked at it included pages about their portfolio, different projects, team members, and contact information. Even though the pictures of their projects were good, I would have liked to see more diverse pictures and also items from their process; whether that is first drawings or models. Other than that the website was well organized and did provide adequate information.

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