Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pencil Box

Our second project of the year was to design a box for the pencils we have for class. We were allowed to use matte board, paper and adhesive. Here are my first idea drawings, first iterations and then the final product:
At first I was really unsure of what type of box I wanted to make...thats why there are so many different types of boxes in my drawings; I just tried to draw different ideas that I had.
This was my first iteration. Overall, I thought it was o.k. but defintely way too big. I wanted to have something smaller.
I liked my second iteration; especially the way I was able to make the lid curve. Plus this was a lot smaller than my first iteration and I felt like it fit the pencils better.And here you can see my final pencil box. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Of course there is always something that can be improved but overall I'm happy with the design of it.

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Troy said...

I really like your final pencil container. I love the scoring that you did to achieve the rounded top and the interlocking tabs were a great idea for closure. My favorite thing is your use of color. I love color, but so far in this class I have been cautious in my color choices. But the blue and black are really sharp together ... it's just the right hue of blue. When I saw your container displayed on the critique table I immediately knew, based on the blue of the interior, that you must have those blue Staedtler pencils!