Thursday, September 20, 2007

All about profiles...

All this past week we have been learning how to draw the profile of people by first mapping out the face. This technique has really helped me. Even though not all of my profiles have looked exactly like the person the proportions of the face are still pretty accurate.

This was the first profile I did of Troy in class...I was surprised how well it turned out:

This next one is of my mom. It looks somewhat like her but i feel like something is off.
This one is of Kara from class on Tuesday. There is something about this one too that just doesnt quite make it look like her.

This is another one from class on Tuesday of Sara and I think this one actually turned out pretty good.

The next one is of my friend Katie. Even though some parts of the drawing look accurate, others don't. But I think overall it does resemble her.

This last one is of my boyfriend, Theo. I think this was probably the best one I did and the one that looks most like the person I was drawing.

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