Friday, October 8, 2010

[in]formal practices

For the second half of the semester in my studio class, we have been able to come up with our own brief and project direction for our final project. After attempting to work in a much larger group, I'm now working in a group of 4 girls (2 from Australia, and one from Germany). We have titled our group [in] and our main focuses are engagement, and how we can get people to interact and react, as well as the using recycled or found materials to create various structures and situations. So far we've been testing various ideas that we have had for both engagement and using those various materials. You can read more about our group, [in], on our blog here.

For our first test we created a structure that was designed to hold beer bottles that were being used at an event for all the interior design studios at RMIT. We were hoping that once people finished with their bottle, they would put it into the structure and take part in creating a light source. The amount of engagement wasn't quite what we had hoped for, but as a first test it aided in coming up with more ideas.

After our first test we undertook a few more separately. Quinn worked on a project that involved people putting their used water bottle or coffee cups into a structure. You can read more about her test here.
Sarah also undertook a test that involved using lights in trash, and getting people to find the lights and bring them together in one spot. And you can read more about her test here.

Janine and myself worked on a project we called [in]duce
we created pieces out of cardboard that are capable of being slotted into one another. The pieces were laser cut and had our logo and blog address on them as well. We then took the pieces to the Queen Victoria Market. At first we put a few of the pieces together ourselves to give people an idea of what could be done with them. We then started passing out some of the pieces, asking people if they would like to join in making a structure, and that they could put a piece anywhere that they like. We received a pretty good response from that, and were even able to get in contact with some people at the market. We will be doing another event at the market in the upcoming weeks. After the success here, we decided to test the same idea in another location. We went to City Square in the CBD of Melbourne. The test here wasn't as successful as the first one, but we were able to gain more ideas from the various tests.

[in]duce at vic market

[in]duce at city square

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