Thursday, March 5, 2009

a place to bathe

A place to bathe is not only a place to clean your body but it is also an act of relaxation and cleansing of the body and soul. My design for a place to bathe is based on ideas of the Japanese Onsen, or hot spring. The bath would be for any person confined to a wheelchair in need or relaxation and renewal. The Japanese hot springs were set near volcanoes, but since I wanted my place to bathe to be located in the United States, I choose to place it in Hawaii. The fact that they have volcanoes as well as tremendous views was what determined this location. For the Japanese hot springs, it is custom for users to clean their bodies before entering the pool or tub. In my place to bathe I have provided a spot for the users to clean themselves before entering the bath. Another important part of the hot springs were the fact that most are outdoors. While I chose to have mine inside, there are two floor to ceiling windows around the bath to allow users to take in the amazing views. I feel like there is something very therapeutic and renewing about looking out at vast scenery and realizing how small you are in comparison to the rest of the world. I felt as though this idea would be good for the users, in helping with relaxation and to remind them how precious their lives are. More natural materials, such as stone, are used throughout the design to reiterate the outdoorness of the hot springs. Each bath would be for only one user at a time, allowing them their own personal time to relax and renew their mind and body.

floor plan:

wall elevations:

wall section:


sketch model:
The lighting used above the bath:
lighting source

Example of the tile that will be used on the floor for the ramps:
limestone tile source
Example of walls throughout space; black standing pebble wall tiles:
The body sprays that will be used in the space for cleaning the body before entering the bath:
shower body sprays source
FF&E Schedule:
applied material: standing pebble stone wall tile
finish: color: black
applied material: concrete
lighting: pendant and track lighting
applied material: limestone tile
finish: color: cream
Inside Bath:
applied material: poured concrete
Edge/Outside Bath:
applied material: standing pebble wall tile
finish: color: black

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