Monday, December 15, 2008

Seeds for Change: BUS SHELTER

All semester long, our second year studio worked on a project to build a bus shelter. The process started with examination of bus shelters that are already in place, riding the bus, interviewing bus riders, and examining sites for a new bus shelter. Further in the semester everyone in the studio (about 50 of us) submitted designs for a bus shelter. These designs were narrowed down to four. The four were then revised by groups of us and one of these were chosen. The one that was chosen was then revised over and over again by a design team. The class was broken up into different groups in charge of different responsibilities for the final full scale bus shelter to be built. I was part of the communication group that was in charge of getting the word out on what the class was doing and to get people to come to the unveiling on Dec. 12, at 12 noon. After much work and lots of learning in the wood shop we were able to produce a prototype bus shelter for the city of Greensboro. In Greensboro, there are 1100 bus stops but only 64 shelters. The main goal of our project was to get the word out about the lack of shelter and seating at bus stops as well as remind people of the valuable resource of the bus system. Here are pictures of our bus shelter:
putting it all together....the final product....people at the unveiling....Our moment that was out on the initial site for the shelter...

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