Friday, October 3, 2008

Bus Shelter: North Carolina A&T Campus

This week we were split into different groups and given different assignments to complete individually. The group I was in was given the assignment to design a bus shelter at a bus stop on the North Carolina A&T campus. There were three locations that our teachers gave us to choose from. One already had a shelter, another did not have any space for a shelter, and the third (as pictured below) was the one we ended up with. I wasn't exactly thrilled with the space we were given (or the building that was directly behind it). I knew it was going to be a hard task to come up with a cohesive design that didn't completely overtake the building.

At first I had no clue as to what to design. I decided to take a look at the building around the A&T campus and try to gain some inspiration from them. This proved to be a helpful task and helped to shape my concept. A couple of the buildings that really stood out and gave me lots of inspiration was the new fitness and wellness center
and the Science Building.

What I really enjoyed about the fitness center is the geometric nature of the building and the square/cube spaces in the walls. The cube idea is something I definitely wanted to incorporate in my design. I was also intrigued by the entrance covering to the Science Building. I really like the way the glass and metal go together in this manner. From these buildings I then tried to develop some ideas for the bus shelter. Below are the sketches that I did:

It wasn't until my third page of drawings until I started to come up with an idea that I liked and thought fit well with my concept and what I wanted the bus shelter to be like. For our assignment we were to come up with a concept statement, do material investigation, produce a detail drawing, and a model of our bus shelter. Below are my final pages for the project with my concept, materials, and drawing, followed by pictures of my model.

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