Monday, September 1, 2008

A lesson in "Wayfinding"

So this first week of school has been a good but busy one. We've already completed our first project in studio that had to do with 'wayfinding.' We were each given a destination in Greensboro to go to. Along the way we were to take notice of what stood out to us and the different things that helped us to reach our destination. My destination was Dana Auditorium at Guilford College. The previous post shows all the things I saw on my journey. Along the way the different things I noticed were paths, edges, districts, nodes and landmarks. All of these things make up a city and help you to find your way or recognize where you are.

After each of us drew vignettes of our journeys we were to work as a group to create a composition of how our paths cross, converge or diverge. My group choose to each create a node, landmark, or edge that stood out to us in our journey. We then put all of these together to show how all of these work together to create a city.

After the four different groups in our studio class did there own group composition we had to work as an entire studio to create something even bigger that demonstrastes wayfinding. As a studio we decided to make a game that not only demonstrates the sense of wayfinding but all aides in learning the different elements in a city.

From all of this I've really learned about design and the way in which things should be planned out. Interior spaces should be designed well so that people can easily move around in them and understand the space and this should not be limited to signs. There are many other things in our environment that help us in wayfinding.

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