Saturday, September 20, 2008

communicate: get the message out

Here are the different marketing tactics that our group thought of to get the message out about our studio class:

For marketing through people we would have a "hands across Greensboro." We would link hands from the Gatewood building down to the depot. We would also wear shirts with our logo and web address on them.


For marketing through places we would wrap the bus depot and then we would also wrap bus shelters throughout Greensboro. The depot would be wrapped like the world since it is the center connecting point and all the shelters would be in green.


We thought of several different products as a group. These include an umbrella, tote bag, calendar, and soap. All would include either our logo, website, or slogan...or a combination of the three.

print materials:
For print materials our group thought of using Grow-a-Note Paper which is a seed embedded paper that recycles into the ground naturally as the seedlings grow.
We would have the paper done in the shape of our logo and on one side we would print our slogan ("Gatewoods Gateway to the Gate City") as well as our website ( On the other side would be instructions on planting the paper.
We would not only hand these flyers out but also put them in the Greensboro newspaper so it could reach people all over Greensboro and beyond.

http: As far as marketing on the internet, our group decided on making youtube videos on all of our other marketing ideas and events that happen. These videos would be posted on youtube as well as our studio blog.


We also choose to do marketing through an event. We would have a "Green Fest Weekend" where we would invite people in the community to come. There would be food, donors, concerts and information related to our project.

other group members include: Maiken, Melia, Monique, and Christyn

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