Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a trip [elsewhere]

At the end of this semester my drawing class went downtown to a museum called Elsewhere. But this isn't your usual museum. There are soooo many things in Elsewhere and at first it was quite overwhelming. You would be surprised at how much is there, and how many things you can find from your childhood. It's kind of a hard place to describe and it's definitely a place that you would have to visit to understand. Anyway, one of the first days when we were at Elsewhere we were to take a sticky note on put it on things that we wanted to draw. Here are a few of those things:

time magazine display

kids toy blocks

dresser with a pillow of pins

While we were there, we were also to pick out a spot in the museum to draw. The goal of this was to create sort of a map that could better describe the place. So we each marked off spots on the floor to show the area that we would draw. The area I chose was to the left after you entered the museum. In it, you could find christmas decorations, boxes and boxes of strings, clothes, ribbon, tea cups, model cars, different types of bottles, and plenty of different types of toys, and also a manequin leg. The area was made up of two shelves so I decided to draw the two shelves separetly so I could get into more detail with it. First is the top shelf and then the bottom:

I then drew a few detailed drawings of items in the space (mainly just some neat bottles that I saw):
ground jamaica ginger
bayer aspirin
cool and cozy; cold weather lotion
We also had time to draw other things in the space that we wanted to. I choose to draw several things from inside the front window display and on the front door. In the front window that had a clothesline up, advertising a display that they were having soon:

Also in the front window were a couple of toy shoes on wheels that I decided to draw as well:
On the front door of Elsewhere they had a couple of signs that I liked and wanted to draw. The first one really explains a lot about the place, "nothing for sale". Elsewhere is set up like a store (it was once a thrift store) but nothing in it is for sale and nothing leaves the space (but things can be added or moved around).

So that was Elsewhere--you should go!

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