Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bottle Caps!

For our first project after spring break we were to take bottle caps and find a new use for them using only recycled or biodegradible items. For the project we were to work as partners and my partner was Christyn Dunning. We decided to make salt and pepper shakers out of the bottle caps and using parts of plastic bottles. We also wanted to try to make a couple of salt and pepper shakers that would be 'collectibles' with the soda labels on them. One of the problems we came across was finding a way to hold parts of the shakers together; like with glue. If these were really to be made we would find a biodegradable glue for the salt and pepper shakers with the soda labels. However, for the small shakers no glue or adhesives would have to be used at all. You would only need two bottle caps and the top part of the plastic bottles. Here are some pictures of the salt and pepper shakers and the various ones that we made:

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