Saturday, December 1, 2007

10 Graphic/Media Designs

This was a menu design for the IIFA-International Indian Film Awards. The peacock design is based on the national bird of India being the peacock. I like how this has a simple black background but then there are bright colors to show that this was probably a fun and exciting event. The design is very elegant and somewhat simple but i find it to be really beautiful.
The above graphic design was done by Debbie Albin for a photography company. It was done as an 8 page product brochure. At first this graphic design didn't really catch my eye. The background seemed plain and boring. However, when I looked at it a little bit more i really liked the way the pictures within it were overlapping in the different circles. This is also a somewhat simple looking design but there is a lot more to it than when you first look at it.

This graphic design is several abstract posters for a Norwegian company, Jordan. They were designed by Ilinca Dumitrescu. Each of the posters have an interesting quality about them. The use of bright colors plays a big part in the the designs by making them really stand out. These look like posters of toothbrushes but I don't really see how the backgrounds have anything to do with the toothbrush. I think the overall design is interesting and intriguing but when you really take time to look at it, there doesn't seem to be a lot of connection within the posters.

The graphic design above was for a book cover. I love how the material of the strings looks so real on the cover. I also like how there is a square of it that is blurred to display the title. It's simple and I enjoy that there are not a lot of words on the page. This allows you to focus more on the design of the cover more than anything else. I'm not sure if I like how there is one yellow strand towards the bottom when the rest of colors seemed to be grouped with like colors. Other than that I enjoy the simplicity of the yarn in the design and the repetition in it.

This was a poster for the musician Bob Dylan designed by Milton Glaser in 1967. I love how this graphic design has a silhouette of the artist and then all he color is seen in his hair. It shows a lot of personality and fun about the artist. One thing I don't really care for is the lettering of his name "Dylan." Also the color does not work well on the black silhouette. If it was placed in a different spot or if a different color was used it could be better. However, I do kind of like how you aren't focused on any words but more the design.

This graphic design was marketing material for a starting business that organizes surfing trips to the Cornish coast. Overall I enjoy this design. It is very well organized and I like how they incorporated a picture. Another thing that works well in this design is the use of different fonts. The colors also work well together and go well with the picture that was chosen. My favorite part of this design is the wave that was created over the words "Big Friday." I like how it isn't just a normal wave but how different sizes and shapes of blocks were used to create it.

I'm not really sure what this graphic design was for but it really caught my attention. I know it has to do with power, and it looks as if it might have to do with how we now rely on power a lot. The color scheme of the design is good and the colors work well together. I like how the use of different power cords are used throughout the design without looking like a power cord. I especially enjoy the lettering of the word "POWER." Overall this design is intriguing and i would want to know more about what the design is for.

The above was a graphic design for Unwired September issue of Game Axis magazine on the theme of "video gaming". I think it does well to show video gaming. However there seems to be a lot going on in the background and it might could have been a little more simple and still have gotten the point across. I do like how there are the little Pacman-like characters in the design. I think that was a really neat element to have in it.

This was a poster or ad for a beach volleyball competition. I really like the use of color in this design. It's not necessarily what I would normally have pictured for a competition like this but I think the color works really well. The design around the people really seems to bring them to life and add movement to the design. This works well considering it is a sport and really grabs your attention.

This last graphic design really caught my attention even though I don't know what it is for. I like the contrasting black and white; it works really good in this design. I also like how the face was made by putting other things together. From far away it looks like a simple white face but when you get close up you can seen so much more in it. I really appreciate that far away you can see a lot of different values in the face and that really makes it appear three dimensional. Overall I think this design really gets you to notice it, despite the fact I don't know what it is for.


Cole said...

You are one of the best graphical artists that i have ever seen i especially like POWER and LETS PLAY.

Anonymous said...

you didnt do these though, they are other peoples' works.

Anonymous said...

Peruse design blog sites to enhance your writing style. Juxtaposing, low angle, wide angle, image -familiarise yourself with design language and you will soon realise why certain artworks appeal to you. Don't be too honest in saying "not sure why I like this" because you make yourself sound dense.