Saturday, November 10, 2007

2 New Technologies

Chicago Metallic's Eurostone ceiling panels

These ceiling panels are environmentally friendly, have a long term value and have a very classic style. They are lightweight, inorganic perlite panels that feature a Class-A fire rating. These panels enhance acoustic performance as well as light reflectance. It is also safe for the environment because it doe not include any coatings or biocides and it supports indoor air quality while also defending against mold and growing bacteria. These panels come in a wide variety of edge details and surface textures. With growing importance on sustainability these ceiling panels are great for interior environment that promote being environmentally friendly. I really like how this company is offering these panels in several varieties. This allows designers the capability of using environmentally friendly products without compromising design.

Research Frontiers' SPD-Smart Glass film

The the SmartGlass film can regulate light, glare, and heat passage through windows, doors, and skylights through the use of suspended particle devices. When there is no electrical voltage present, microscopic particles permit less than one percent of visible light to come through. When there is voltage applied, the particles align and reduce the tint level. This SmartGlass can block more than ninety-nine percent of ultraviolet light and therefore can help to reduce heating and cooling. Aslo it offers dramatic daylighting and view preseravation benefits. This is also another great new technology that is great for sustainability. The fact that it can reduce heating an cooling as well as block ultraviolet light is really great. This would be a great glass to use in interiors.

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