Thursday, October 11, 2007


For this project, we were to take two projects from other classmates and 'metamorphosize' them into one another. I was to use a project of Maurshell Stokes and of Megan Schwarz. We had the option to pick from any of their projects (the egg project, pencil box, or the memory box).

When I first started doing thumbnail sketches I was unsure of which two projects I was going to choose and which two would work best with one another. So I decided to just start by drawing all different types of possible combinations from all the projects that I had to choose from. Here are those very first drawings:

After I did that first page of drawings, I was able to narrow down to which two projects I wanted to use. I decided to use Maurshell's egg project (which had lots of holes in it) and also Megan's egg project (which consisted of the egg hanging in the middle). I decided to use these two because the had very different qualities about them but both of them dealt with the egg. These second and third pages of thumbnail drawings were different ideas I considered using once I decided to use these two egg projects:

This last page of thumbnails was my first middle mix that I decided to use. After we had made the middle mix we were told that we then needed to make two more projects...each a middle mix of the middle mix we had already made and one of the original projects. The bottom drawing on this page shows my initial ideas for the full metamorphosis:
After finishing these drawings, I went on to make the prototypes of them. Here are the pictures of the final metamorphosis:

Megan's Egg Project
Megan-Middle Mix
Middle Mix
Maurshell-Middle Mix
Maurshell's Egg Project

And here are some other pictures of different views of my middle mixes:

Top view of Megan-Middle Mix

Top view of Middle Mix

Another view of Maurshell-Middle Mix

Overall I really enjoyed this project. It was a different experience taking ideas and projects that were already there and doing something more with them.

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