Monday, October 1, 2007


...Project 3...Design and construct a container to house a personal memory.

So our third project of the year was to design a container for a memory. The memory I choose to use was the time I was stung by a jelly fish.

This was my first iteration. At this point I was a little unsure of the main idea that we were trying to get across with our projects, whether we were supposed to just represent the memory some how or if it was to be a little more abstract.

This was my second iteration. After receiving feedback on the 1st one, I was able to develop my idea a little more fully. I wanted to show the feeling of being trapped and tangled, and the feeling of not being able to escape.

And this was my final memory container. Not much changed from my second iteration, but i tried to focus more on crafting it well in my last one. I choose the green paper on the inside because when I was stung by the jelly fish at first it only felt like seaweed and this paper reminded me of it. I also choose the frosted looking paper because when you are in the ocean you can't really see what is in the water. But i choose to leave the one side clear so that you can see what is in there. Overall I was pleased with my final project.

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