Wednesday, October 31, 2007

10 Interior Environments

This interior below was probably my least favorite because it seems to have too much going on. I do like how it is spacious and functional with plenty or room to prepare things, cook, and eat. However, the busy tile along with the intricate carvings in the wood, flowered wallpaper and curtains all seem to be too much. With all of these nice looking items in the kitchen the floor doesn't seem to fit in with it. It almost seems boring and the color doesn't go well with the rest of the kitchen. While the kitchen has an expensive look about it, I feel it could have looked a lot better if it wasn't sooo busy and if a couple of those elements were done instead of all of them.
The kitchen below looks really nice and has several unique features. One thing that really stood out to me was the island in the middle and how it isn't all one level. Another unique element is how the drawers are curved and also how the wine rack is built in. Although there seems to be good lighting in this kitchen it still seem to be rather dark because of the dark wood and counter tops. This kitchen does look spacious and very functional.

The thing that first caught my eye about this kitchen is the blue countertop of the island and how that same blue is repeated on the wall. Also I love the cabinets and the square pattern on them, it seems very unique. It is also really nice how the floor and cabinets are a similar color, they really work well together. The kitchen also seems to be very functional with plenty of storage space for all types of things.

The bedroom below seems to be very simple but the one thing that really stood out to me was the cabinets and storage around the bed. It seems custom made to fit the room and the bed. I like how there are lights coming from the top cabinets shining down on the bed. Also the small shelves around the bed are a nice addition. I don't really care for the brass looking bed because it doesn't seem to fit in the room well.

I choose to look at the The Super Group interior designed by ai3 because we had heard the lecture from one of the designers about this space. I think hearing all the needs and wants of the client as well as hearing how the designers approached the space really helped me to appreciate it more. The space was designed just how the clients wanted it and really fit their needs making it a great space. I love all the custom designs that are a part of it. It seems very functional and provides all the necessities that the client needed in that space. The choice of color really adds to it and gives it even more interest. It is very unique and something that you would not find in just any office. The main reason that it is such a great space is because it was designed well for the client and was all that they wanted it to be. The designers were able to take what the client wanted done and make it happen.

I really like the kitchen pictured below. It seems to be very spacious and well organized. One of my favorite things about it are the cabinets on the bottoms where you can kind of see through the glass to see what is in them. I love the wood that is used and the rich color that it has mixed with the metal that is used in the kitchen. One thing that does seem out of place about this kitchen is the cabinets at the top. The color used for them doesn't seem to really go with the rest of the kitchen. Other than that I love the neat clean modern style of the kitchen.

When I first saw this room I was really intrigued by it. I love the simplicity that the room seems to have even though it isn't simple. The many angles to the room give it a lot of interest along with the wood that was used in it. You see this wood in the fireplace, the small table and the chair, and it all works very well with the room. I really love the built-in seating area. The color scheme of purples, white , pink, and brown works really well for the room and makes it seem more comfortable.

The interior design of the room below really caught my eye because of the repeated pattern that you can see through out the room. The blinds in this room are what really give this room a lot of personality. I love how the blinds are not all one color and also how they are vertical. This idea of lines is seen throughout the rest of the room in the pillows, rug, bowl on the table, and a couple of other places. The color scheme gives the room a very cool and relaxing feeling.

The bathroom below has a very beach-like feel. The use of boats, lighthouses, and sea horses give it that feeling. Also the blue color, like the room above, gives it a calming and relaxing feel. I wish the shower had frosted glass instead of this clear glass that you can see perfectly through. Other than that, the bathroom has a very simplistic and beachy feel about it.

To have a bedroom like this would be very nice. I love the openness of it and the door with big windows on it. It seems like a nice relaxing retreat. The white drapes give it an airy feel along with the other white furniture. I love the bed with the dark wood and how the dark wood is repeated throughout the room. One thing that the I dont like the room is the bed spread. It seems out of place and doesn't go with room as well as something else could. Maybe if the color of the strip was blue or even green it would work a lot better.

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